Tuesday, September 08, 2009

More Wiggles

This blog is no longer about figure skating (although the new season is due to start soon); it's about The Wiggles!

In that spirit, and because I haven't blogged for a while (I really need to be more disciplined about it), here's the perfect Wiggles-centered blog post. I saw this interview on YouTube:


A guy from Comcast is interviewing the guys, and as usual, Anthony takes point and does most of the talking. At one point, the interviewers says something like, "I heard on the internet that you got your name from a Cockroaches song called 'Get Ready to Wiggle'..." And then they all smirked knowingly and Anthony corrected him, saying that the song was called, "Mr. Wiggles Back in Town." Of course that got my little mind going:

"The internet? Could that really be code for Wikipedia? But I wrote that! That's what the New York Times Magazine said!" And I imagined all kinds of things, like "OMG, Anthony must think I'm a total idiot that I got that piece of information wrong. What does he think of me?" Then I calmed myself down by realizing that the guy from the NYT was more of an idiot than me, and I was just using his article as a source for my article.

The interview goes on and brings to light an even worse error in The Wiggles' Wikipedia article, taken again from the same source. (It really makes me doubt the information gained from that article; unfortunately, a lot of the information I used came from it.) The NYT states that the Cockroaches' genre was "catchy roots rock", and Anthony says in the Comcast interview that they played "60s inspired pop music."

Fortunately, I can use the interview and correct the misinformation. It makes me want to write Anthony and ask that he give an interview, either filmed or in print, where he corrects all the incorrect information in their Wikipedia article. This makes me think there's a lot, and that makes me go, "Uh-oh." And that makes me re-think meeting Anthony and telling him I basically wrote that article. Yikes!

My only defense is that everything stated in it is sourced pretty well, and if anything's inaccurate in it, it's not my fault. I wonder if he's gonna care about that. I mean, the way all the guys reacted to the question makes me think it may be a sore spot with them. I suppose another defense would be that I got some things right. In the interview, he says that the only difference between the early Wiggles stuff and "the Cockies" is the lyrics. That's stated very clearly in the Wikipedia article, although I'll probably go back and change the wording to better reflect his.

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Jena said...

LOL just Ask Anthony at your next concert! hay did you see the new Greg Articles yet?